What the HELL is going on with our MEN?

Can someone, anyone help me understand what the HELL is going on with our men? Yes, our men in 2012! For a long time now I have been seeing a pattern, a trend, a system – what ever you want to call it with men. I’ve seen that many don’t care to commit (all ages), many refuse to work for our time and want to spend time with us when it’s only convenient for them! Wth is up with that?

Can someone please explain this!

*Note: This is no disrespect nor hatred towards men I just want feedback – God knows I love all types of men 🙂


9 responses

  1. It seems to me that it’s in there makeup to flee the idea of commitment till it suits their environment. IE there boys are all locked down, they are tired of not getting it on the regular or it has come to the point the woman in front of them seems to see beyond the fact they are not all the way at perfect and seems to love their dirty draws. I find it strange that being alone is only hard when they have a need that can’t or don’t want to fulfill alone.

  2. Hi Ms.Verbal,
    Thank You for the comment and like, it is so encouraging to know that someone understands and appreciated my thoughts. I guess its true, two great minds do think a like! lol. I visited your blog, seems like we both started a blog for the same purpose :). I completely agree with your reasoning for keeping your identity private; its always better to be known (good or bad) for your thoughts than who you are physically. Hope to read more from you soon.

    Much Love and Respect,

  3. Hi,

    I am no expert but the trend you mention seems to be a global thing. Thru the media we can watch the undermining if both men and women.

    Our time has seen the disintegration of the family unit, this then ensures a weaker society. A weaker society can be controlled and manipulated..

    Womens rights have further separated the sexes

  4. … is it worth figuring out … or is it better to be you and accept only the behaviour that you expect and want. I read a quote, from a site — a man’s –(http://duanehuff.com/huffisms.html) that said The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get less than you settled for. Is it okay for men to think this way, but if we as women live it does it make us just a little too hard core … for the men?

  5. I wish I could relate to your question, but the relationship I am in now seems at odds with everything you wrote. But I guess it depends on the individual.
    I will say that I think it’s due to a lack of wanting to communicate. One of the main reasons I get on so well with my partner is he is willing to listen to what I have to say, and takes it on board. Some guys I’ve been with were convinced I was just whining and become even more annoyed at me. At the same time I’m willing to admit when I’ve been a pain in the butt and I apologise for it.
    Some people are lacking the basic curtesy to treat others with respect, and without it there is nothing to base a relationship on whether it is romantic or other.

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