What Would You Do If…

… the person you were dating for almost two years had a child with another woman?

Ladies, would you forgive or forget? I know there are many different responses to this but, how would you handle this situation. Have you ever been in this situation? If so, what did you do? Please dish it out!!

Personally, this is the total END of the relationship for me because I am at a point in my life that I believe honesty is key. If I don’t have honesty and trust what’s the point of accepting this type of behavior? Let’s keep it real, if the tables had turned and the woman cheated on her bf & turned out pregnant – do you honestly think her bf would take her back? The answer is: NO! 

So that’s where it ends for me but I’d like to know under what circumstances would you forgive and open your arms to welcome him to your world again?




Afraid of Being ALONE? Don’t Be!

I’m an extremely realistic person when it comes to life. As a child I thought that life would follow the order in which I saw things on t.v. which are called fairy tales. F*ck those fairy tales. That’s what makes people so confused sometimes when things don’t work out the way “they should” or let me say the way life is portrayed on t.v. and soap operas.

I know it would be great to live your life with someone to share your best moments lived but we all know that this crap doesn’t happen like we’d like. What if you never meet that person? What if you just keep meeting people who show you a good time but never take it to the next level? If this is the case or not, just know that you should not be afraid of being alone.  No one will truly know how you feel or your thought process regardless if you’ve known them for years. You are safest with yourself, only you can make yourself happy and the same way we are born: alone – it’s the same way we will die: alone.

I think we should learn to appreciate the moment, day by day and understand that even if we are married, engaged, have a girl/boy friend, lover, etc. that this can be taken from us at any moment. So, I say don’t be afraid to BE ALONE – nothing lasts forever.

What the HELL is going on with our MEN?

Can someone, anyone help me understand what the HELL is going on with our men? Yes, our men in 2012! For a long time now I have been seeing a pattern, a trend, a system – what ever you want to call it with men. I’ve seen that many don’t care to commit (all ages), many refuse to work for our time and want to spend time with us when it’s only convenient for them! Wth is up with that?

Can someone please explain this!

*Note: This is no disrespect nor hatred towards men I just want feedback – God knows I love all types of men 🙂